Our Services

At PMS, we provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves!



Media Planning & Strategy

• We provide research based, technology enabled strategic media plans to maximize media impacts per spend.

• We use all Media and Products Survey (AMPS), TAMS & RAMS delivered through industry standard – MediaStar®.

• Deliver pre–campaign media forecasts & post campaign media evaluation.

• Best value buys to the full benefit of roster clients.

• All media campaigns are monitored by auditor appointed by our clients

• Media documents presented to client – media owners’ Certificate of broadcasts with auditor’s report.

• Highly efficient media operation to promote transparency & accountability.

• Campaigns monitored using reports from Third party monitoring agencies (MMS, MediaTrak, CCM).

• Effective compliance monitoring to ensure achievement of campaign objectives.

Buying and Negotiations

In our approach we always start by understanding our client business
We do this, client by client, and, not by applying a “template” to all clients. In this way we understand the client specific needs and know what are the most important areas to be improved.

We discuss with our clients the desired payment terms for media and always investigate if the “pre - payment” scenario pays off.
We detail the negotiation strategy with the client and prepare the meeting scenarios for the final negotiations usually this approach reduces client costs significantly.

In our Buying Strategy we look for 4 important objectives .
• Best Price.
•Optimize contractual cost ( CPRP, discount, net price).
•Control and minimize media inflation.
•Generate added Value in order to increase visibility and relevance.

Media monitoring

• Achieve high level of media compliance.

• Peculiar Compliance Problem vs. Media Plan.

• Most media houses are not fully commercially oriented.

• Media campaign compliance varies by station and ranges between 50 - 65%.

• Some stations still raise COT based on MPO causing double jeopardy to Clients whose agencies don’t verify carriage.

• Displacements and programme preemption are also common place on government owned stations like NTA.

• Prime Majestik Synergy employs a rigorous verification process via both internal and third party monitoring.

• In-house monitoring of all major Campaigns.

• Approximately 70% of all campaign placements on TV are monitored by members of staff and contract staff to ensure maximum delivery and “real-time” intervention when necessary.

• Driving Compliance to Record Levels

• Always push for independent monitoring of campaigns by all roster clients.

• Compliance documents also for OOH using client / Agency generated monthly codes & photographs.



Press Conferences, trade launches and product unveils

We handle everything from conceptualization to execution- venue to décor, press materials, red carpet coverage, live video coverage, sound and souvenirs.

We understand the importance of our clients activities, as such we ensure we manage each phase of the event; traditionally and digitally.

Bespoke Image Solutions

Public relations strategies specifically tailored for you; executed with scientific precision as we tell the world about you in a language they understand.

Crisis Communication and Management

We believe that any negative story can be managed in a positive way. No matter what the issues may be, we’ll set up a strategic plan that’ll make sure you come out looking even better, leaving your career and brand intact and secure.



Trending campaigns on social media platforms

Generating trending topics on popular blogs through press releases and
pictorial captures.

Digital Adverts

Placement of adverts on social media platforms and use of search engines to
redirect traffic to company websites and pages.

Reward schemes

Promotional reward schemes to drive brand awareness, trial and patronage.




We consistently deploy points-of-sale solutions which magnify brand presence above the marketing communications sphere and distinguish our brands from the clutter.


We engage experiential marketing and promotions solutions with a clear focus on growing brand volumes through the delivery of exciting and impactful brand experiences which trigger purchases and expands the bottom line.

Consumer pathways and touchpoints

We vibrantly project the essence of brands within our purview through the situation of brand building activities that bond the brand and consumer in a rewarding and enduring relationship.



  • Effective & efficient media plans driven by data and technology.
  • Data based media Planning and Buying.
  • Bespoke media strategy and plans.
  • Huge savings on media spend.
  • High compliance ratings ensure media objectives are readily met and waste reduced to the barest minimum – 90 % is benchmark.
  • Regular monitoring & report of competitive media advertising campaigns – monthly & quarterly reports.
  • Absolute transparency and accountability from planning through placements to payments.